Steely Dan Did It Again

Steely Dan was one of my favorite acts whose music I promoted. The Dan's mix of Jazz, Pop and Rock was more sophisticated than most of the other music of the day and very hip. Because they were a Studio Band at the time, there aren't many videos of them perfoming, but the quality of the recording is excellent. John Hale continues... TDR

Steely Dan--Walter Becker, Donald Fagen, and various and sundry studio musicians from the seventies--has never been a traditional rock group, although they produced some of the finest albums and singles back in the seventies. Fagen and Becker were fastidious about the sound of their music, so it was much cleaner, clearer, and more defined than most groups. They went for quality over volume too.

Steely Dan was deeply influenced by jazz, starting with their first popular album in 1972, "Can't Buy A Thrill." Their first single off of the album, Do It Again, was a Top 10 hit right off the bat for the group, climbing to Number Six on the Billboard Hot 100 music chart in early 1973.

"Do It Again" would be just the first of several Top Ten hits for Steely Dan, including "Reeling In The Years," "F-M," "Hey Nineteen," and others. This is the album version of Steely Dan's first Top Ten hit, Do It Again.

Deacon Blues

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