George Jones Could Rock, Too

Country legend George Jones is one of the last performers one would associate with rock & roll. However, for a brief time early in his career, Jones was lumped in with rockabilly artists like Carl Perkins, Charlie Rich, and the like. He was even identified on some early records as "Thumper" Jones. One of George Jones' earliest big hits, "White Lightnin'," definitely had a rockabilly feel to it. There's a good reason for that...White Lightnin' was written by Jones' fellow Beaumont, Texas area performer, J.P. Richardson, alias "The Big Bopper."

"White Lightnin'" came out in early 1959, and quickly climbed to number one on Billboard magazine's Hot Country music chart. It didn't fare so well on the Hot 100 charts, only making it to Number 73, but quite a few Top 40 radio stations, especially in Texas and the deep south, put White Lightnin' on the playlist anyway. It would go on to be recorded several more times by some of the top country music artists of the 1950's and 60's,but this is the original hit version of White Lightnin' by George "Thumper" Jones.

The Race Is On

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