Jr. Walker Had a hit with "Shotgun"

Junior Walker and his band The All Stars had several big hits in the 60's, SHOTGUN was one. Musicologist John Hale gives us some background. TDR

He was born Autry Dewalt Mixon Jr. in Blytheville, Arkansas, but you knew him a whole lot better by his stage name, Junior Walker, and his hard rockin' band the All Stars, of the Motor City. Junior Walker was arguably the closest thing Motown records had to a pure R&B performer, and his records rarely sounded like other hits that were being cranked out by the Motown music assembly line.

The first big hit by Junior Walker & The All Stars, Shotgun, is easily one of the great dance songs of the rock & roll era, and was a huge hit for Walker. It reached number one on Billboard's R&B charts, and number four on the Hot 100 chart back in 1965. It's a rare hit in that it only uses one chord, A flat 7th, throughout the song.

Of note, legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix liked Shotgun so much that he took the stage to perform the song live with the All Stars. Shotgun was also featured some decades later in the Denzell Washington movie, Malcolm X. This is Junior Walker & The All Stars, and Shotgun.

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