Mr. James Brown Rode The Night Train

Night Train was an earlier hit for the fantastic James Brown. I've written elsewhere on The Don Rocks about my relationship with him, and how one night he may have saved my life. But right now John Hale fills in some details.- --TDR

James Brown not only was a legendary R&B singer for decades, but he also had one of the tightest, funkiest bands backing him for all of those years. He let his band take center stage back in '62 with his version of the old R&B classic Night Train.

Jazz saxophonist Jimmy Forrest is generally credited with having the first hit version of Night Train, and James Brown used Forrest's version as the guide for his (Brown's) version. Brown did change the words to the song, making them a litany of his band's tour stops along the east coast in the early sixties. Listen especially to the horn section in the JB's...You wouldn't hear a horn section that tight, and that good again until a decade later when Earth, Wind, & Fire began their hit run. This is James Brown, and mostly his band, and Night Train.

Please, Please, Please

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