Steppenwolf Was Born To Be Wild

Born to be Wild

In 1969 an iconic film swept the country: “Easy Rider.” It starred Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda as counter-culture heroes touring the country on Harley Chopper motorcycles, and introduced a young actor named Jack Nicholson. The music under the opening sequence of the two outlaws cruising across a beautiful panorama was perfect for the mood: “Born To Be Wild” performed by a band named Steppenwolf.

As the film rocketed to success, Steppenwolf rode along with “Born To Be Wild” rising to #2 on the charts, and the record selling more than a million copies. It made the lead singer, John Kay a major star, and a follow up, “Magic Carpet Ride,” solidified the band’s place in the Rock and Roll firmament. There’s hardly a Baby Boomer alive today that doesn’t associate both the movie and the song with a time when personal freedom and wandering became the new American Dream, at least for a while. TDR

Magic Carpet Ride

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