Little Richard Could Have Been King

So somebody says, 'How could you talk about R&B's influence on Rock and Roll without mentioning LITTLE RICHARD? One of the great characters of Rock, Richard's performances were electric, and his double entendre songs, the very term Rock and Roll referred to 'doing it,' over the heads of many people of the time. PAT BOONE in his preppy clothes and white bucks got rich and famous doing white-bread versions of the black hits of the time.

TUTTI FRUTTI was one of the most egregious examples. Richard always said he should have been KING instead of ELVIS, but because he was black he didn't get the early radio or TV exposure which was segregated. But we can see him now on a wonderful video of Tutti Fruiti, A Rootie, A Wop Bopaloo Bop, A Wop Bam Boom! Rock On Little Richard forever. @TheRealDonRocks

Good Golly Miss Molly at Muhammad Ali Tribute Show

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