In the mid to late 60's we began to see the psychedelic bands with names like MOBY GRAPE, VANILLA FUDGE and STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK. Most of them would have at least one hit and then drift off into relative obscurity. But there were some bands, we often called them cult bands, that were really good musically and developed devoted followings.

SPIRIT was one of those, featuring guitar/vocalist RANDY CALIFORNIA, and his stepfather ED CASSIDY, a former Jazz drummer who was at least 20 years older than the other players, shaved his head and wore black most of the time...They called him MR. SKIN. SPIRIT were living up in Topanga Canyon, one of my favorite spots, with Barry Hansen as a roomate and producer. Barry later became known as DR. DEMENTO, and was replaced as producer when Lou Adler at Ode Records signed the group. Let's flash back to SPIRIT'S biggest hit: I GOT A LINE ON YOU. Crank it Up! @TheRealDonRocks

The Last Unicorn

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