Bobby Looked Beyond The Sea

Bobby Darin and Paul Anka were both artists with one foot in Rock and Roll and the other in Pop. Darin wanted to be the next Frank Sinatra, but that music was on it's way out, however he had several hits backed by a Big Band. --TDR

There was a tendency to lump the late Bobby Darin in with the other so-called "teen idol" singers of the day, performers like Bobby Rydell, Frankie Avalon, Fabian, and Pat Boone. Nothing could be further from the truth. Age-wise, Darin fit, but talent wise, he was a whole lot closer to Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, and Dean Martin. Bobby Darin had his share of teeny-bopper pop hits, songs like Splish Splash, Queen Of The Hop, and Dream Lover, but he was also capable of recording something as swinging and divine as his biggest hit, Mack The Knife, also known as the theme from Moritat. One of Darin's most popular hits was Beyond The Sea, a song that went back to 1946. It was a top ten hit for him, reaching number six on Billboard's Hot 100 chart. Beyond The Sea would be used several decades later as the title of a movie about Bobby Darin, starring Kevin Spacey as the singer. This is the extremely talented Bobby Darin, and Beyond The Sea.

Mack the Knife

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