Cold and California Dreaming

PAPA JOHN PHILLIPS died 15 years ago at age 66, something of a miracle considering his life-style. He was an accomplished singer/song writer and singer, including all the MAMAS & PAPAS stuff. John's father was a Marine Corps. Officer and he was born at Parris Island, SC, the legendary training camp. He won a spot to attend Annapolis, but left after a year uncomfortable with the strict discipline.

His private life was complicated to say the least, and the Mamas and Papas disbanded because of relationships between group members, and Mama Cass wanting to go solo. I remember he was busted for drugs and did a blitz of TV shows preaching against them in hopes of a light sentence...turned out he ended up serving 3 weeks. One of his great claims to fame was being involved with Dunhill Label Chief Lou Adler and others in creating and promoting The Monterrey Pop Festival in 1967; which is considered the first event of its kind, and exposed artists like JANIS JOPLIN, JIMI HENDRIX to the world.

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Monday Monday (1966)

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