The Isley Brothers Shout

Sometimes I mention 'Hop Records,' in the early days the disc jockeys weren't paid very well, except for some giants like Alan Freed. The stations knew we loved playing the hits and there was a line of young dudes waiting to replace you, but there were other ways to cash in on local fame, and one of the best was to do RECORD HOPS.

I spent many a Saturday night in places like the KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS HALL and other spaces large enough to hold a bunch of sweaty, hormone-driven teenagers. I remember one early string of Hop Gigs where I took home double my weekly pay in 3 hours. This all brings me to the great ISLEY BROTHERS and their iconic anthem: SHOUT.

If things were getting a little quiet and the kids antsy, I'd have my assistant play SHOUT - LOUD. Pandemonium then usually occurred with even some of the guys (girls always danced) jumping around like crazy and sometimes dropping to the floor on their belly's doing what we called THE ALLIGATOR. The energy in that record was seldom found in many of the TOP 40 hits. Speaking of "Dancing," check out the ISLEY's choreography. @TheRealDonRocks

It's Your Thing (1969)

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