Phil and Don Were Kathy's Clowns

It's hard to believe that PHIL EVERLY has been gone for two years. As you probably know, there had been a lot of friction between the brothers in later years, (among other things one was a Liberal and the other Conservative) and they were barely on speaking terms. DON had always assumed he'd go first, after all he was two years older and had some health issues, so Phil's passing was very traumatic for him. Since Phil's passing, Don has mourned his loss, and at least at one point said he had gotten a "Spiritual Message" from his dying brother. The message that we get from their story is try to cut off any rough edges from your relationships with both family and friends, so they can rest in peace, and your soul will be relieved of guilt and lessen grief. @TheRealDonRocks

All I Have To Do Is Dream

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