There was a great Brill Building character named BERT BERNS back in the day, he wrote hit songs like TWIST AND SHOUT and HANG ON SLOOPY. When THE BEATLES cut Twist and Shout, he became one of the first American music guys to go over and do some work. He found an Irish group called: THEM, fronted by a little dude named VAN MORRISON, and brought them back to the States to record.

One of the songs Bert had written was called: HERE COMES THE NIGHT, and he thought it would be perfect for THEM. With a dynamite track and Van's vocals that record and others like: GLORIA, and MYSTIC EYES, were big hits making the group stars and Bert's label BANG hot. Unfortunately Bert had heart problems from birth and died at 37. But his string of hit records remain in the Golden Age of Rock. @TheRealDonRocks

GLORIA, Them with Van Morrison

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