The Girls Said the Eagles Were Lyin' Guys

Last night I found myself awake, and with a Ear Bug of the EAGLES': "LYIN' EYES." Probably GLENN FREY's early death has been on my mind. It was an incredibly catchy tune, but I was also remembering the lyrics, about young women living with older men.

Glenn said it was inspired by the beautiful, affluent looking chicks that used to hang at the Troubadour back in the day. When bands like the Eagles played they'd be six deep, flirting with the guys and obviously having fun. But at the end of the evening most of them would disappear back to the burbs and homes of the men who supported them ("with hands as cold as ice").

Glenn and Don Henley had a place up in Laurel Canyon that was one of the most famous party pads of the day, and I remember the L.A. ladies that visited there had taken to calling them: LYIN' GUYS. @TheRealDonRocks

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