Del Wondered About a Runaway

Enough of these laid-back songs, it's time to Rock. One of the early great Rock Hits was by a guy named: DEL SHANNON, and called: RUNAWAY. It was a great car radio song blasting away while you cruised the American landscape. Although Del had great success he took his own life with a gun to his head at 50. His wife has allegedly claimed it was the drug PROZAC that caused his depression, but it was a terrible loss.

I've chosen not to use a live version of Runaway here because the track itself on the original record is electric. The distinctive Hammond B3 Organ break was done by a guy named: DAVE 'BABY' CORTEZ, who had a hit of his own with a tune called: THE HAPPY ORGAN, (really). Click on the link and crank it up with this rare Stereo version of Runaway. @TheRealDonRocks

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