She Loved the Leader of the Pack

n the early 60's Teen Tragedy Songs were all the rage, and in 1964 this one was on top of the Charts: LEADER OF THE PACK, by the: SHANGRI-LAS. In case you don't remember the story, the girl, Betty meets Jimmy, a motorcycle enthusiast, in the Candy Store (Where else?). They are smitten, she goes home and tells mom who says, No Way, so Betty tells Jimmy and he jumps on his bike and as she screams Slow Down slides on a wet street and goes to that big Motorcycle Rally in the Sky.

Yep, I did not make that up, and today it probably sounds a little hokey, but back then America's Teens loved it, and I got tired of the request line ringing.

This clip is a pretty well restored Kinescope of the Shangri's on a Television Show back in the day. It's fun, and ladies who were teens at the time may enjoy the Hairdo's, Blouses, Heels and Skirts. Btw, there's a cameo by Robert Goulet; at that time the Nets would sometimes add a little humor to appearances by Rock and Roll acts, as did Steve Allen who made Elvis wear a tuxedo and sing to a live Hound Dog. It was suppose to calm down the oldsters who were scared to death of the new music.



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