Dan Hicks Had Some Hot Licks

DAN HICKS was an eclectic musician who combined several kinds of music to get his distinctive sound: Jazz, pop, folk, country, etc... HICKS was very involved in the San Francisco psychedelic movement in the late 60's, and played all the popular venues, including the Fillmore West and Family Dog with his band THE HOT LICKS regularly, and launching him on a national career. There was always humor in DAN's songs including lyrics: "How can I miss you when you won't go away."

His last album was titled: LAST TRAIN TO HICKSVILLE, and was enjoying some success when he dissolved the band and went out on his own. He was a beloved figure in the music business and virtually irreplaceable, Dan Hicks was 74 and died of liver and throat cancer. Here he is live in 1972 with: "By Hook or by Crook." @TheRealDonRocks

I Feel Like Singing

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