Ace Wanted To Know How Long

We were at an ABC Records meeting in Beverly Hills on day in 1974, and as usually happened in those gatherings new product was played, artists visited, (CHAKA KAHN at this one, the guys loved her), and then some guys, several had been involved with Woodstock, that came in with their own label calle ANCHOR, and we were going to distribute and promote their first record called: HOW LONG by a group called ACE.

Boredom had begun to set in about this time, we were ready to party. But when the opening notes of the record played it got very quiet and smiles began to cover faces, after one play we demanded to hear it again. There were times when the first time you heard a record you knew it was a hit, and this was one capping our meeting.

Short story, we fanned back out across America the next day, and by the next weekend How Long was on radios everywhere. It was a one off, the album was good, but there wasn't a second smash. Do you remember when you first heard this? @TheRealDonRocks

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