Foo Fighters Bring the Power (Ballad)

There was a time when Dave Grohl was best known as the hyper drummer for a little grunge band from Seattle, Nirvana. After Kurt Cobain's death, Grohl took center stage as lead singer, lead guitarist, and everything else while hiding behind a band name: Foo Fighters. Grohl eventually drafted additional musicians to join him on tour, but remains the major driver of the group.

The Color and the Shape contained many of the band's earliest hits, providing a silver lining to an album reportedly written in the midst of his divorce from Jennifer Youngblood. Not everyone sees pain in the music, however.

Friend of the blog (and The Don's son-in-law) Dave Kramer has permanently connected the song February Stars with the birth of our son, who happens to be a February baby. Dave is celebrating his own birthday today. In the absence of Casey Kasem, I'll just have to say, "This one goes out to you, Dave, with much love from your wife."

Here's February Stars.