Mungo Jerry Loved the Summertime

Every year there's usually a Big Summer Record. One of the songs breaks out of the pack and will always remind you of that particular summer. In 1970 it was: IN THE SUMMERTIME by a group named MUNGO JERRY. Yes Mungo Jerry was a group not a guy, much to the chagrin of old DonRocks who thought he knew everything. The London-based band has been a Turnstile for years with members coming and going, but the one constant member is RAY DORSET, Founder, Guitarist and Singer, whose Curly Haired and Slightly Whacky Countenance are the image of the band. So let's Flash Back to 1970. There were Hippies, The Country Was at War and RICHARD NIXON was President. We needed all the fun we could find, and part of that came from Mungo Jerry's Only Hit. @therealdonrocks

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