The Hollies Loved Carrie Ann

One of the first groups I had close personal contact with was The HOLLIES. Our radio station was promoting a Concert with Herman and the Hermits, the Hollies and others, and we were emceeing. It was such a primitive time that I was asked to pickup Graham Nash at the Holiday Inn for the afternoon show.

My radio partner Mike McKenzie who was known as my brother Danny Dare on the radio and I, showed up on time around 1:00 and knocked on the door and no one answered. We knocked again and again and finally the door opens and there's Graham Nash in his black briefs asking what we wanted. We told him he was on stage in a Big Arena in two hours and perhaps he should get cleaned up so we could over there. We went downstairs and about 15 minutes later Graham and another Band Member came down relatively well put together and off we went. By the time I yelled: "Let's get it up for The Hollies!" They were stoked and ready to go, did a really terrific show. They looked and sounded like this, with CARRIE ANN. @therealdonrocks

The Air That I Breathe

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