Crossing 110th Street With Bobby

One of the great artists of his time, BOBBY WOMACK, I felt never got the recognition he deserved. One of his greatest songs was based on a movie starring ANTHONY QUINN in 1972, called: ACROSS 110th STREET, which is the unofficial Southern Border of Harlem.

QUENTIN TARANTINO who is known for his use of music in movies picked it up years later, and used it as the opening theme of his picture: JACKIE BROWN, following star: PAM GREER in her comeback role, as a Flight Attendant walking through an Airport with contraband in her purse. The day after I saw the movie, I dug up the record and digitized it. I always felt it was one of those songs that could give you goose bumps, especially in the context of this film. See for yourself. @therealdonrocks

I Wish He Didn't Trust Me So Much

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