Jeannie's Skirt Was Too Short For The P.T.A.

Scott found a Fun Memory Video this morning, none other than JEANNIE C. RILEY'S Megahit: HARPER VALLEY P.T.A. I cannot tell you how big a hit this was, in fact it was the first and only song for many years to make #1 on both the Pop and Country Charts.

It was written by one of my artists, TOM T. HALL, an incredibly talented man with many demons: I'll tell my Tom T story in a future post. The interesting thing was that he was asked to write a Story Song similar to: THE ODE TO BILLY JOE, which had been a smash shortly before. Enter SHELBY SINGLETON, a real Piece of Work in a business full of characters. Shelby once had to hide out for two years because of death threats, but that's another story.

Jeannie C. Riley was secretary to a guy named Jerry Chestnut to whom Hall sent a demo of the song. Jeannie heard it and promptly went in and recorded it. For the time it was a little naughty; A girl in school was mocked by others because her mother wore a short skirt, or Mini Skirt. Mama let the ladies in the P.T.A. have it, and became a role-model for trashy looking ladies around the world. Jeannie C. won a Grammy for best female vocal that year, but was unable to get another hit. Suspecting it was because of her image portrayed in Harper Valley, she became a Christian singer and sailed off into relative obscurity. @therealdonrocks

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