Barry Couldn't Get Enough of Your Love

One of the Top Record Sales Champs turns out to be a Huge Black Man with an incredible Bass/Baritone Voice named: BARRY WHITE. Barry wrote a lot of songs many of which were Romantic and Quite Suggestive. Although he was Large and Overweight, Mr. White was a Chick Magnet, and may have gotten as much female underwear thrown at him as the King and Tom Jones.

Barry's Sales Figures: 106 gold and 41 platinum albums, 20 gold and ten platinum singles, and worldwide sales in excess of 100 million. He rose from poverty to Great Riches, and toured the World. Barry White passed away in 2003, on the 4th of July at Age 59 with Kidney failure and Hypertension. Here's the great: BARRY WHITE at His Peak : CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF YOUR LOVE BABY. @therealdonrocks

You Are My First, My Last, My Everything

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