Paladin Had Gun and He'd Travel

I had hoped there'd be a video of the singer doing this song, THE BALLAD OF PALADIN. I first heard it when the old man would spend Saturday night in his chair in front of the small screen TV, and watch back to back Western Shows. A few years later I met a guy who called himself JOHNNY WESTERN, and it turned out that theme to: HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL, was his only claim to fame: I don't think he ever had a hit record.

So I went to see him perform one evening at a huge club in the mid-west. He put on a pretty good show, and he was movie star handsome so he didn't lack for feminine company. After the show we went out to the Parking Lot and he opened the trunk to his Cadillac taking out two real Pearl Handled pistols in a beautiful hand-made leather holster. The guns were loaded and for a second I thought I was a goner, but he wanted to show me how he could twirl them and do other tricks..."Don't worry, there isn't a round in the Chamber," It was time for me to say I had an early call and get the hell out of Dodge. @therealdonrocks

The Rebel Johnny Yuma

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