Ray Had A Woman Way Across Town

RAY CHARLES was my introduction to R&B and Soul Music when I was probably around 16. He wasn't getting radio airplay locally , and I probably heard him on GEORGE 'HOUND DOG' LORENZ'S night time show out of Buffalo. THE HOUND was a white dude playing Black Music, and occasionally he'd howl at the moon. The L.P.'s were expensive for my meager allowance, and I saved up for a couple of weeks to buy: THE GENIUS OF RAY CHARLES.

We had one of those "Portable Record Players" in a green suitcase, but it was HI FI to me. I played his album over and over and then started to buy his other records; it was RAY CHARLES and ELVIS, who had more in common than I ever understood. Their work led me to many others and my life long interest in R&B and Rock and Roll. My desire to be a Disc-Jockey and then a Record Promotion Man were both due to my love of that music. Now let's hear RAY wail on his hit: I'VE GOT A WOMAN. @therealdonrocks

Unchain My Heart

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