Bobby Didn't Worry-He Was Happy

I was reminded of another One Hit Wonder this morning, his name is BOBBY McFERRIN, and his big record was a reggae kind of thing called: DON'T WORRY BE HAPPY. The backstory of this song is fascinating, it turns out the Indian Mystic, MEHER BABA, would tack that phrase onto the end of his messages. Bobby saw one of the many posters with Meher's smiling face, and loved the simple slogan.

Now I should add that although this was McFerrin's only #1 hit record, he's a famous artist with a big following. As on this acappella recording, he overdubbed the track with sounds he produced himself, there are no instruments. Oh, on the Video be sure to look for some familiar faces, and Don't Worry Be Happy. @therealdonrocks

Ave Maria

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