The Kingston Trio Got Stuck On the MTA

When I was in High School, THE KINGSTON TRIO, were one of the biggest acts around. The next summer they came to play in the outdoor Amphitheater at The Chautauqua Institution on Chautauqua Lake in Western, NY. It was an incredibly memorable night, and I got to exchange a few words with them before the show; they were blown away by the venue and the crowd, and posted a picture of the Concert on the back of their album Sold Out.

Here they are in a rare video of the time before founder DAVE GUARD, got disgusted with the States and moved to Australia. Guard is on banjo, Nick Reynolds the short guy, is on tenor guitar and Bob Shane is on the right. Fun fact: Bob's initial ambition was to be the next Ricky Nelson. I ran into him many years later in Tulsa, still out there playing the tunes with a couple of side men. @therealdonrocks

Kingston Trio's last performance: Where Have All the Flowers Gone

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