Kenny and Jim Said She Had Angry Eyes

One night in the early 70's I went over to KRLD AM, a powerful radio station that had a young jock named JON DILLON on at night playing the new 'underground music.' I think I was bringing him a hot new album and as I approached his Studio noticed two longhairs sitting on the floor working on a tune. I said, "Hi, I'm Don Sundeen, and one of them replied, "I'm KENNY LOGGINS and this is my partner, JIM MESSINA, and we're a duo with a new album. I wished them luck and went in and gave Jon my album and that the guys in the hall sounded good, and I think Jon said something like: "They're going to be stars."

Of course he was right, and they soon busted wide-open like a ripe water melon; Jon recently retired from one of the longest careers in radio, and I'm sitting here at the keyboard telling you stories. One of my L&M favorites is ANGEL EYES, and here's a great video of them performing it live later in their career. @therealdonrocks

Watching the River Run/House at Pooh Corner & Danny's Boy

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