Carole King: Too Late Baby

One of the greatest songwriters back in the day of the Brill Building crowd, was a young lady named CAROLE KING. Carole was something of a prodigy, and turned out one early rock hit after another along with Gerry Goffin and Neil Sedaka, whose hit: "Oh Carol" reflected his crush on Miss King. She was relatively unknown to the Public until 1971 with the release of her album: TAPESTRY, when the whole world learned who wrote all those great songs.

Carole King was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in the Class of 1990 with co-writer and ex-husband GERRY GOFFIN, and the story of her life and music became a hit Broadway Musical, "Beautiful" which is still running on Broadway and on tour. One of her biggest hits was recorded by The Chiffons in 1963, but Carole herself can sing it too. @therealdonrocks

So Far Away & It's Too Late

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