Shelly Fabares loved Johnny Angel

In the early 60's there were quite a few hits by young female singers. I guess the assumption was that the big new cohort of Post war teenage girls were ripe for picking, and that's what happened. One of the biggest hits in 1961 was sung by: SHELLY FABARES, who played Donna Reed's daughter Mary Stone on The Donna Reed Show (1958–1963), singing about her boyfriend whom she called: JOHNNY ANGEL.

Long before MTV a lot of the young actors on hit TV shows got Recording deals to cash in on their popularity; like Paul Peterson and Ricky Nelson. So here's Miss Fabares (one of my favorite artists names to say on the radio after I was advised how to pronounce it correctly, you wouldn't believe what I did to Petula Clark) with her #1 Chart hit, Johnny Angel. @therealdonrocks

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