It Was One Fine Day For Carole

One of the greatest songwriters back in the day of the Brill Building crowd, was a young lady named CAROLE KING. Carole was something of a prodigy, and turned out one early rock hit after another along with Gerry Goffin and Neil Sedaka, whose hit: "Oh Carol" reflected his crush on Miss King. She was relatively unknown to the Public until 1971 with the release of her album: TAPESTRY, when the whole world learned who wrote all those great songs.

Carole King was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the Class of 1990 with co-writer and ex-husband GERRY GOFFIN, and the story of her life and music became a hit Broadway Musical, "Beautiful" which is still running. One of her biggest hits was recorded by The Chiffons in 1963, but Carole herself can sing it too. @therealdonrocks

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