The Knack hit the big time with My Sharona

During the Golden Years of Rock and Roll many Groups and Hit Records seemed to just jump up out of nowhere; and often go away as quickly. One of the those groups: THE KNACK, with their hit: MY SHARONA, was the #1 on the Billboard Hot One Hundred Chart in 1979, and their album: GET THE KNACK, was #1 on the Album Chart for 5 weeks and sold over 2 million copies.

I remember the first time I saw the album cover, it was a knockoff of the "Meet the Beatles" instrument setup cover with Knack on the Bass Drum instead of The Beatles. For Capitol it was a record companies dream, but it couldn't be repeated.

They had other singles, but nothing compared with "Sharona's" success. I found it one of those songs played so much that at some point it became a station-changer button. So here it is again, one thing for sure, few people around at the time have forgotten it. @therealdonrocks

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