The McCoys Told Sloopy To Hang On

Another huge ‪#‎1Hit‬ was by a group called: THE McCOYS, kids only a year out of High School in Union City, Indiana, and led by a young man named: Richard Zehringer, later to be known as RICK DERRINGER. ("People have a problem with Z Names Man.") Their huge hit in 1965 was: HANG ON SLOOPY, and I can tell you that at it's height I'd be getting a call to play it on the Hit Line every couple of minutes.

Fun Fact: Hang On Sloopy is the official Rock Song of the State of Ohio, and might as well be at Ohio State, where it's played at Buckeye Football Games. Scott found the boys performing the tune on SHINDIG when it was huge. I find the Go Go Dancers distracting, but they were hip at the time. They were so young. @therealdonrocks

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