Hit the disco floor with Le Freak (c’est Chic)

I've kind of eluded to the fact that Disco was not my favorite kind of music, I'm basically a Rocker. But I fully understand It's fan's love of the danceable rhythms, and often over the top production, that generates a feeling of excitement. One of the best examples of the genre' was a huge hit by the group: CHIC, called: LE FREAK, in 1978.

This recording went #1 on both the Pop Hot 100 and Soul Charts, and sat #1 on the Disco Chart for 7 weeks straight. Believe it or not, this was the Biggest Selling Record of all time for Atlantic Records, and that ain't chopped liver. So put on your platform shoes and bell bottoms, and let's go back and get down with Le Freak. @therealdonrocks

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