Flying Eight Miles High with the Byrds

DAVID CROSBY told the story about the day members of The BYRDS, (GENE CLARK, MICHAEL CLARK and GENE HILLMAN) were riding in JIM (later ROGER) McGUINN'S beaten up old convertible on the PCH along the Ocean one day, when suddenly: MR. TAMBOURINE MAN blasted out of the Radio (KRLA, I think), and at the end of song McGuinn pulled off the Highway, turned to the other guys and said: "Gentleman we are the New Princes of L.A."

And so they would be for the next couple of years with many hits, and setting the stage for the Folk/Country/ Rock Groups to come, like POCO and the EAGLES. I think BOB DYLAN would also credit The Byrds with taking his music into the TOP 40 which he would very soon follow. Here they are in a rare 1967 clip just beginning to get freaked out doing their hit: EIGHT MILES HIGH. @therealdonrocks

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