Bad Finger Said Come and Get It

The first time most folks heard Come And Get It, back in very early 1970, they were absolutely convinced it was a new Beatles single. It wasn' was, in fact, the first single from the newly re-christened Badfinger, who'd previously been known as the Iveys. If it sounded like a Beatles song, there was a good reason.

Beatle Paul McCartney wrote Come And Get It, one of three songs he wrote for the movie The Magic Christian. He performed the demo, and once Badfinger was chosen to perform it, McCartney produced it, with the stipulation that the band was to record it exactly the way his demo sounded. McCartney even picked Tom Evans of Badfinger to sing lead, since he sounded a lot like McCartney. The Beatle connection worked...Come And Get It was a number 7 hit on Billboard's Hot 100 pop music chart, and kicked off a string of hits for Badfinger in the U.S. over the next couple of years. @therealdonrocks

(Editor's note: The song enjoyed a resurgence in as a featured track in the 2014 film Guardians of the Galaxy. Ask your kids to sing along. - Jacqui)

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