Was Lola Really A Girl?

THE KINKS, were a Brit Invasion Band built around the DAVIES BROTHERS, RAY & DAVE, from North London. The Band worked constantly for over 30 years from 1963 until 1996, releasing a lot of records many of which became Big Hits. Their first release: YOU'VE REALLY GO A HOLD ON ME, was DAVE'S attempt to produce a song in the same vein as LOUIE LOUIE, and he pulled it off beautifully, forecasting the Garage Band Hard Rock Sound.

But this short piece is actually about One Song called: LOLA, an amusing story of a young man who finds himself dancing and romancing a lady who is actually another guy. It was 1970, and at that time it was a played as a goofy joke. The public loved it, and took it Top 5 on the Charts in 1970. This is a great video Scott found of THE KINKS doing the song live with excellent video and sound. @therealdonrocks

Sunny Afternoon

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