What Does "In A Gadda Da Vida" Mean?

So people would ask, What's "IN A GADDA DA VIDA" mean? Having a group named, IRON BUTTERFLY, was one thing, but a song with unintelligible lyrics was almost too much. You have to understand, it was 1968 and the Psychedelic Influenced Rock was in full bloom. The Butterfly were four dudes out of San Diego who had been in competing bands at home, but combined to go for the Big Time. Their signature song, (In A Garden of Eden) is often considered to be a precursor of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock.

Talk about one hit wonders, they were, One Hit ALBUM Wonders, with the "In A Gadda Da Vida" Album that their signature song came from selling over 30 Million units over the years, and earning the very first Platinum Album Award. Fun Fact: The Iron Butterfly were booked to play at Woodstock, but got stuck at the airport. They were then told that a helicopter would pick them up, but it never showed up. Here's the original 17 minute version with CD Sound. @therealdonrocks

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