The Beach Boys Go On A Safari

Scott said that 'SURFING SAFARI" by THE BEACH BOYS was released around this time in 1962; one of the weird things about getting old is something can seem like a long time ago and yesterday almost simultaneously. This was their Salad Days, family and friends getting famous together.

Who would have guessed then that two of the Wilson boys would die young, and Brian would struggle with emotional problems; not to mention Law Suits flying between cousin Mike Love and Brian, over rights to songs and stuff. I had to laugh because Scott said, 'Why are they dressed like Lumber Jacks? And the deal was that many of the Surfers adopted Pendleton Wool Shirts to wear after surfing in the evening when there was a chill in the air. Fun Fact: To my knowledge none of the Beachboys was a surfer, I know Brian preferred to be home floating in his pool. Let's go surfing now...everybody's learning how. @therealdonrocks

California Girls

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