Chicago Didn't Want You To Leave

There are certain songs that you love the first time you hear them, and just never stop loving them. One such song for me is If You Leave Me Now, by Chicago. The group first established themselves in the late sixties as a jazz-rock fusion band, with the emphasis on rock. Chicago had been cranking out hit music for most of a decade before the Chicago X album came out in the summer of 1976.

If You Leave Me Now was released off of that album. It would establish bass player Peter Cetera as the group's lead singer. Surprisingly, despite the group's popularity, If You Leave Me Now was their first hit to climb to number one, in the fall of '76. It was the group's biggest hit worldwide, sold close to two million records in the U.S. alone, winning it gold record status, was a nominee for record of the year, and won Chicago two Grammy awards.

It wasn't the first slower, ballad-style song the band had released, but If You Leave Me Now definitely pointed the way to the future of Chicago, who would go on to make hit records for almost a decade later. This is Chicago, and If You Leave Me Now. @therealdonrocks

Hard To Say I'm Sorry

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