Up Up and Away with The Fifth Dimension

In the late 60's when I was among the first Local Promotion Men in the country to be hired outside of L.A. and NYC, the business was still coming together and inner-label communications weren't very good. That meant that on any given morning I might receive a box of 45 RPM records with no heads up that they were coming, or who the artists were.

One day I opened a box to find a record called: "Up Up and Away," by the group named: THE FIFTH DIMENSION. I listened to it and was impressed by the production and voices, and also noticed it was on JOHNNY RIVERS new Label: SOUL CITY.

I took it around to Radio the following Monday and was amazed when it was added almost immediately to both the Top 40 and R&B Stations. That started a string of hits from the three guys and two girls that made up the Fifth. (Note: I referred to them with those informal terms rather than men and women because that was the vernacular at the time. I have enough problems with folks that question my use of punctuation and capitalization.)

The group covered songs by some of the best songwriters of the day, like the great Laura Nyro who wrote this Chart Topper and Platinum hit: STONE SOUL PICNIC. Fun Fact: Laura said she coined the word Surry, because she liked the sound of it, not a misspelling of the word Surrey, a horse-drawn carriage. @therealdonrocks

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