Procol's Shade of Pale

I've been scatting around the mid-60's lately, partially because I was a Rock Jock at the time, and also because it was a very interesting time in music, with a lot of experimentation. One great example of that came from a group called, PROCOL HARUM. They had a huge single in 1967 with A WHITER SHADE OF PALE.

As hard as it is to believe now, the song was based on Baroque music, a Counter Melody based on J. S. Bach's Orchestral Suite N° 3 in D Major, and featured a rolling track base using the Hammond B3 organ played by Matthew Fisher. There were mysterious lyrics that may or may not have meant something and a haunting vocal by Gary Brooker.

To say it was a Big Hit would be an understatement, the "Whiter Shade of Pale" single sold over 10 million records; and believe me, there weren't many of those. In 2012 Procol Harum was nominated for induction into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but failed to get enough votes to be admitted, a bit of a head scratcher, although it had been a long time since they were successful and many voters may not have even been familiar with the record; or maybe because they had only the one Megathit that became their signature tune.

This clip was bounced from a 16mm Film Clip to High Definition, but still is a bit faded, the sound is a little out of sync with the picture, but the Music Is Great! So crank it up and let your imagination take you back to that Summer of Love when Peace seemed possible. @therealdonrocks


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