B.B. & Bobby ride the Soul Train

It's kind of weird when you find a Video Clip with not only the Artists that were on a record you worked, but also the TV Host mentioning how great the album is. But that's what's happening here, the late DON CORNEILUS introducing: B.B. KING and BOBBY BLUE BLAND on Soul Train, and mentioning how great the album they made together on ABC DUNHILL was.This was a very special telecast with B.B. and Bobby performing live, not lip-syncing.

I well remember one night in a Cavernous Night Club packed to the rafters, going to see them play with an Agent from their Booking Agency. During the break we went back and greeted the artists, and one of the things I always tried to do was bring up a topic to talk about besides just telling them how great they were.It was 1975 and B.B. had just returned from a Artists Exchange Program in the Soviet Union.

So I said, "Hey B.B. what was Moscow like?" and without hesitation he replied: "Oh Don, they ain't got shit to eat over there." That was his complete report on life in our enemies homeland, which I'll bet he told the State Department when they did his debriefing after the trip. It's obvious on the clip how much they liked working together, playing the Roots of Rock and Roll. @therealdonrocks

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