Nancy's Boots Were Walking

So your FRANK SINATRA'S daughter, your brother spends his life imitating your dad and you have a recording contract with Reprise Records, on which your father is known as the Chairman of the Board, and they're about to drop you. But NANCY SINATRA then comes salvation in the person of a noted writer/producer named, LEE HAZELWOOD. Lee was a big deep-voiced Cowboy type and had made his bones producing Guitarist DUANE EDDY.

Lee became your mentor; had you sing in a lower register and get a complete makeover: Bleached your Hair, Frosted your lips, and dressed you in sexy outfits with Boots. Yes, those boots were made for you...and Lee wrote a song about them in 1961 called, THESE BOOTS ARE MADE FOR WALKING. Suddenly, from fearing that you were going to fail in the music business, you've got a #1 Hit that sells a million may be wrong, but it looks like Dad smiled at you.

You get two Big Grammy nominations, and appear on TV backed up by Go Go Girls in short skirts like yours. In the years to come you will have several more hits, one a Duet with your Dad called, SOMETHIN' STUPID, that went #1 in 1967 and was nominated for the Song of the Year Grammy. Then you start to get cast in movies, mostly Beach Movies to start, but they grossed well. Then you did something brave and cool, you went to Vietnam to entertain The Troops and they adopted "Boots" as their anthem.

I remember the Color Cover on the 45 RPM "Boots" record pinned up on the Bulletin Board at the Radio Station, only other artist to get that kind of treatment was ANN MARGARET, pretty good company to be in, of course you both 'dated' ELVIS. It is my extreme pleasure to share once again your hit with the original color video and good sound, to remind the folks of what the now 70 year old star looked like back in the day, and I'd say, pretty darn good. @therealdonrocks

Summer Wine (with Lee Hazelwood)

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