Jewel Akens Liked The Birds And The Bees

When I first received the record, BIRDS AND THE BEES; by someone named: JEWEL AKENS, I just assumed that Jewel was a woman. The voice was ELLA-Like and could have been either male or female. Because I was on the radio at night I seldom saw the artists on the nightime TV Shows, which would have been helpful.


Think I may have introduced the record as by: Miss Jewel Akins, and no one corrected me, I mean who would name a man, Jewel? Well obviously Mr. Akens parents did as I would have known had I watched SHINDIG. The Birds & the Bees was Top 5 on the charts and sold a Million copies, Going Gold. Jewel died in 2013 at 79. @therealdonrocks


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