The James Gang advises you to walk away

In the early 70's one of the most popular Rock Bands touring was, THE JAMES GANG, fronted by the irrepressible JOE WALSH. Long before the Eagles, Joe fronted this Power Trio that were in the vanguard of heavy Rock and Roll.

Cleveland, Ohio, like St. Louis and Detroit, were considered Great Rock Towns, and Joe and the Gang came out of that area of Ohio. I remember when we had the band how loyal and dedicated that State's fans were to them.

The James Gang never achieved the Fame and Fortune of some of their competitors, but they made a mark in the sand for others to try to follow. Here's The Gang Live in HD, playing their song, WALK AWAY, in kind of a Psychedelic Effect. It's fascinating to see the young Joe Walsh just before he was fully immersed in the Rock and Roll Life, you can see he was very serious player. @therealdonrocks

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