For Sam Cooke Another Saturday Night Alone

It would pretty much be impossible to overestimate Sam Cooke's importance to soul music. Certainly he ranks right up there with Ray Charles, James Brown, and Otis Redding as soul/R&B legends, and it can be argued that no singer scored more top R&B hits over a relatively short span of time than Sam Cooke.

He started back in the fifties as a gospel lead singer, and he alienated many of his original fans when he migrated over to secular music in the fifties. They got over it however as he recorded some of the finest music before his untimely death in a Los Angeles motel shooting incident in late 1964. Among Sam Cooke's biggest hits was what some would call a great weekend song, Another Saturday Night, in 1963.

Another Saturday Night would make it to Number 10 on Billboard's Hot 100 pop music chart, and spend several weeks at Number One on the Billboard R&B chart. Several years later, pop singer Cat Stevens would have his own hit with Another Saturday Night, and Jimmy Buffett still gets a lot of requests to sing it during his live performances. This is the original hit version of Another Saturday Night by the great Sam Cooke. @therealdonrocks

Blowing In the Wind

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