Grand Funk Railroad played loud and proud

Like a lot of ex-Radio guys, Promo Men and Musicians, I have a bit of hearing loss, mostly high register, that I blame on standing behind the Speakers at GRAND FUNK RAILROAD concerts back in the day. Which led me to think about GTR as a band that were one of the great Rock Touring Acts in the 70's.


At the time there were only three members: Mark Farner (guitar, vocals), Don Brewer (drums, vocals) and Mel Schacher (bass), but they had learned a Rock and Roll Lesson, Play It Loud and Proud. Mark Farner was a Sex Symbol; Bare Chested, Long Hair and Tight Pants, that drove the young girls crazy.


I must mention that GFR came out of Flint Michigan, we've got quite a contingent of followers there that don't hesitate to Call the Don Out when I say a group was from Detroit. Here they are Live in 1974 in a quiet little song called, HEARTBREAKER. Tell your friends to check out our website! @therealdonrocks

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