Bob Dylan: How Does It Feel to Win a Nobel Prize?

The Don Rocks salutes, BOB DYLAN, for being awarded The Nobel Prize in Literature. There are dissenting voices of course who would prefer an author of books; but Mr. Dylan has been the voice of a generation, and if you take away the music, a lot of his lyrics are poetry, some with sharp teeth. Thanks to Scott for digging up this great clip of one of Bob's first TV performances with his iconic Anti-War Hymn called, BLOWING IN THE WIND.

It's striking how young he was at the beginning, but his songs were seen through the eyes of a much older and experienced person. The great Bruce Springsteen, who was inspired to write songs by Dylan's work and later became his friend and peer, recently said, "The thing about Bobby is he's been able to maintain that mystery all these years." @therealdonrocks

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