Gracie Was The White Rabbit At Woodstock

47 years ago, WOODSTOCK happened in 1969. There's not a lot to be said about the Muddy, often Naked Three Days of Music, Drugs and Sex, that hasn't been said before. Of course it didn't happen at Woodstock The Town, the local folks wouldn't allow it; but a Dairy Farmer named MAX YASGUR, near Bethel about 40 miles to the Southwest, rented them his 600 acres, for I think, about (US) $10,000.

There was a bowl shaped hill there that they selected for the site, with the stage at the bottom, and a pond behind it...the pond was where the naked came in. Amazingly, 32 acts, some of whom became major stars, played to an audience estimated at around 400,000.

The Concert was supposed to be paid admission only for 50,000 Attendees, but the fences were overrun and it became a "Free Event." I was in San Francisco at the time, and so missed it. Meanwhile, THE STONES, who passed on Woodstock, decided to do a Free Concert at the Altamont Speedway outside of the City by the Bay; but I decided not to go on a Saturday and didn't have an act there.

I can honestly say I wasn't sorry to miss it, those who did go were absolutely freaked out after an audience member was brutally murdered by the Hell's Angels, who had been hired to do "Security." One of the Bands that played at Woodstock was the SanFran based, JEFFERSON AIRPLANE. Here's a clip of them with the young, lovely GRACE SLICK singing their hit song at the time: WHITE RABBIT. Go ask Alice when She's 10 Feet Tall. @therealdonrocks

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